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Olivier Busquet and WSOP One Drop Team changing Lives

With all of the money involved in the WSOP One Drop tournament, it's sometimes hard to remember one of the biggest purposes behind this event - providing clean drinking water to impoverished areas. As for the 2014 WSOP One Drop, most people choose to focus on the negative side of things - a.k.a. Dan Colman expressing his dark view of poker following his victory and $15.3 million prize. But behind the scenes, Colman, Olivier Busquet and the Team One Drop did some very nice things for charity recently.

Because Colman won the tournament, he was invited to visit some of the organization's intervention projects around the world. And he in turn invited Busquet and his wife to go along on the trip. Busquet came away very impressed with what One Drop is doing for other areas, as he said the following:

"Dan Colman, my good friend, won One Drop. And as a winner of One Drop, you're invited to go and visit some of the intervention projects. And so he was kind enough to invite me and my wife, so we went with him. Jack Effel (Caesars/WSOP VP) actually went for the World Series and then we were with a bunch of One Drop staff. And it was really an incredible trip. It was really awesome to meet with the people whose lives are being transformed by this project. And also to get to know both the people who are on the ground doing this work."

Another point that Busquet hit upon was how nice it was to see exactly what kind of work the One Drop foundation is actually doing. As he pointed out, many WSOP players realize that it has to do with water. But the difference is that they don't just build a well then leave - something that Busquet says, "30-50% of these types of projects, within one year, fail." The difference with One Drop is that they "make sure these people's lives stay transformed."

To create self-sustainability, One Drop helps get micro loans so the impoverished people can start businesses, and they put on plays to help teach awareness about disease and spreading germs. Busquet concluded by saying that his two days in both El Salvador and Honduras were really eye-opening experiences.

It's great to see that One Drop and the WSOP are doing some great things for charity. So hopefully the Little One for One Drop and Big One tournaments continue running long into the future.